To further accelerate your fat reduction, you should only eat once daily. It does not matter when you consume your meal, but the important thing is to make sure that you eat just once per day for the more rapid fat loss to take effect. weight loss food programs Now, the very best weight-reduction plan plan that s highly effective to lose 20 pounds in just three weeks is a weight-reduction plan program called calorie shifting from Fat Loss 4 Idiots. This program works extremely nicely as a result of you will firstly be consuming as you normally would...that is right, no ravenous yourself with this program! Secondly, you will be taught how one can manipulate the calories of the foods you eat day by day (four meals a day). By alternating the calories round, your metabolic price shall be elevated and you ll in flip burn off stubborn fat, and lose pounds fast...and 100% pure! fat loss revealed You may also have dressings or gauze that needs to be kept clean and dry. Also, to fight infection, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics and topical creams for the incision sites. Have these prescriptions filled before you go in for your operation. find Firstly, follow a strict diet plan. Jessica Alba s South Beach style diet consists of lean meats, whole grains, low-fat cheeses and plenty of food and vegetables. To lose weight whilst staying healthy, you could choose to eat foods lower in fat, such as chicken breast, oats and lots of greens which are readily available at your nearby supermarket. It won t be instant weight loss for most people, and neither will it be extremely easy weight loss, but do not worry as you will lose weight gradually. Also, you do NOT need to stick to a 100% vegetable diet to lose weight. Instead, you can eat a variety of foods, and maintain a healthy diet and weight. address You may remember how long it took you to put the excess weight on in the first place. Well, isn t it logical then to allow yourself a reasonable amount of time to take it off again. quick weight loss tips for women Kavishah |

27 January 2009 ~ 2 Comments

WorldWinner’s W3Games Promo Videos: Starring Gamergoddess and Kavishah!

Want a chance at winning $100,000 in the 2009 WorldWide Web Games? Register at and then visit for more info! If you aren’t quite familiar with the “who’s who” of WorldWinner, Gamergoddess and Kavishah are arguably the two greatest skill gamers on WorldWinner. Their amazingly high scores and prowess at multiple games earn […]

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01 December 2008 ~ 1 Comment

The Skill Gaming Legend: Kavishah

The article below features Kavitha Shah, otherwise known as Kavishah of WorldWinner fame. She is one of the best Bejeweled 2 players on WorldWinner, and she is famous for winning $1,000,000 in cash during FUN Technologies’ gaming competition back in 2006. Enjoy! Kavitha Shah: Playing Bejeweled for Fun and ($1 million in) Profits Kavitha Shah […]

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