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Shagwana’s Bejeweled 2 Advice For WorldWinner

Shagwana is a top Bejeweled 2 player on WorldWinner.com and is arguably the most consistent in placing well in Daily specials for Bejeweled 2. He is also the writer of a gaming blog that covers skill games from time to time. Below is some advice he wrote on the forums for players looking to improve their gameplay in Bejeweled 2:

From my experience, BJ2 on WW is all about the hyper cubes – once you have them you it’s a matter of advancing through those levels as fast as you can.

My golden rules for top scores are:

  • Use hypergems (5 in a row) as soon as they spawn, the only time to save them for the next level is; if you’re on level 1 and you have les then 50 points to go or on level 2 with 50 points left before level 3!
  • explosive gems need to be destroyed as soon as possible, don’t let them linger as they decrease the chance of figuring out how to make 5 in a row
  • Once you set off a hyper gem, the chances of making another hyper gem is greater ( 6 color gems on screen rather then 7)
  • On WorldWinner, don’t make more then 3 hyper gems in any one level, there is a bug that crashes the game when you make the 4th.
  • Aim#1 should be to advance through the levels as fast as possible – the higher the level, the more points you get per a gem = higher final score
  • There are certain patterns you can use to increase the chance of getting 5 in a row – like drop ins from off board to fill the middle of 5!
  • Some boards have hyper gems ‘given’ to you (1st move) learn to identify those optunitys quick!
  • In a tournament, if someone else has scored 13k+, then you know there is at least one good board in that tournament – so try again you might strike it lucky
  • Play with the sound on, so you know when you are running out of time.

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  1. mrWhisker 29 July 2009 at 8:59 am Permalink

    Well hypergem is good, but best score comes from simple combinations. Last UBER i got was over 5000 points in single move. Gems just started falling and falling at 12.5k points and ended at 18.5k! :) I got 1 point for that. DOOH. Game error. And now they do not let me play BJ2 anymore, because i am too good player. Very fair.. :( Anyway – increase bonus. It has a limit, but is somwhere near 130pts at first level and increases to ~500 and more at later levels. And from that point on every next match – even if it is only 3 will give you HUGE points.

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