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Fairness Enhancements on WorldWinner

Here’s a more detailed message about the upcoming fairness enhancements to be implemented within WorldWinner on September 30th. Read all about it!

As described in past communications, the WorldWinner team is universally focused on fairness as our most important promise to you. As a result, we are proud to announce the upcoming release of several fairness enhancements that have been in development for the last several months. We believe these changes will both improve your experience and help us continue to define WorldWinner as the ultimate arena for competition in the best casual games. 

These enhancements are scheduled to launch on Tuesday morning, September 30th. We have noted many of the new features and enhancements below, with more information to follow once they are live. Please note that in order to deploy these improvements, we will be required to limit certain tournament offerings on the day of September 30th. We appreciate your patience as we bring these enhancements to you, and as always, please continue to send us you feedback.  

Re-designed Competitions List

With numerous types of competitions we know it can be difficult to understand how they all work, and how your opponents are selected. Part of our effort is simply breaking these competitions down, and clearly re-naming them.  

• Matched Skill Competitions – Compete against opponents of similar skill. Factors such as win frequency, scoring ability, and experience are measured over time to determine your relative skill level.  

• Skill Division Competitions – Compete against opponents within your skill division for a portion of an overall prize.  

• Open Skill Competitions – Compete against players of all skill levels to see where you rank in the entire player community.  

Our objective is to educate you as to when our FairMatching system is used and when we allow for a wider range of skilled competitors to participate in the same competition. With this information you should be able to choose the competition that best accommodates your competitive fire!  

New “Unlimited Entry” Competition Structure

We have overhauled our “Unlimited Entry” competitions, which are the larger prize, limited time competitions such as the popular Daily Delights. The enhancements include:

 • Each of the “Unlimited Entry” tournaments will be divided into various skill-divisions. When selecting an Unlimited Entry tournament, you will no longer see “Lower,” “Middle,” or “High,” rankings, but rather these “skill divisions,” and which you belong to. Players will be assigned to each division based on a new methodology for assessing one’s skill.  

• All Unlimited Entry participants will be eligible for the same prize, regardless of skill-division. For example, when we host a $2,500 Solitaire Rush Daily Delight with five skill divisions, each division will have $500 in prizes awarded and each first place winner will receive the same prize, regardless of their division.  

• Players will only be eligible to participate in one division at a time, even if our system detects that your skill has changed during a given tournament. This will produce more winners, and help avoid confusion players have experienced in the past when they could participate in two different tournaments at the same time.  

• Players will be required to play a minimum number of cash games in each game type before being eligible to participate in Unlimited Entry tournaments. These requirements will afford our system time to effectively determine each player’s skill before assigning them to a Division.  

Enhanced FairMatching System

WorldWinner’s proprietary FairMatching system is continually being updated to address changes in our community of players, new game offerings, feedback from players and data demonstrating how each player is performing across all of the competition offerings. The newest version of our FairMatching system introduces some new methodologies for evaluating each player’s skill and also weighs some previously-used metrics differently to ensure that players are more closely matched in our “Matched Skill” competitions.  

As we have noted in the past, our system does not assign each player a “rank number,” but rather matches players based on numerous attributes. Our updates will more heavily weigh a player’s scoring history, but as always, participation in Warm-Up or Zero entry fee competitions have no effect on how a player is ranked or matched against others. 

With the new version of the FairMatching system you may notice that some competitions will close faster than before and others will close slower. In addition, you may not be eligible to participate in some competitions at all times. These limits may be necessary during periods when we have limited players to match you against. We appreciate your patience when this occurs and recommend you try other competition offerings as we refine our new system.  

Launch Day (Tuesday – 9/30) Notes

Please note that on Tuesday, September 30th, there will be no “Unlimited Entry” competitions for the entire day. This will include all large specials, as well as the Daily Delights. All “Unlimited Entry” competitions will resume on Wednesday morning, October 1st, at 12:00am EST.  

In addition, there will be no FreePlay competition, including the exclusive FreePlay for our Premier Club members between 12:00am and 9:00am EST. To show you our appreciation for your patience during this update, we will award 25 Rewards Points for each entry in FreePlay competitions for the remainder of the day after they are live (9:00am – 11:59pm EST). All other tournament types will remain available throughout the update, including, but not limited to Survivals, Mega-Tournaments, Ladders, Ladder Seeding Events and all of our “Matched Skill” competitions.  

Thank you for your continued support,  

The WorldWinner Team

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    My account kevinpaulo0 was closed because they say it was registered to my fionce Ann Sommers. She has an account annie200822. I put my info in. We do live at the same address and use the same bank card. But I know I registered Kevin Leahy on this account not her how can we get this corrected so that i can have my own account too. Please advise.

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    me and my fiane have 2 computers in our home and each have an account, which is legal~!

    you cancelled one of the accounts and kept the deposit money~!

    i have e-mailed several times with no response.

    plus, how is it fair when i am level 9 9 ball player playing a level 40 player that has been on here for several years~???

    please contact me so we can clear up this matter.

    thank you,

    (pizzballpete)- cancelled
    (joeanimal)- other account

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    My account has been closed and I would like to know why asap?

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    my account was closed due to fraudulence? I share a computer w/ my sister in law and a we live inthe same house and the account is the same credit card. this sucks!!!!

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