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01 December 2008 ~ 1 Comment

The Skill Gaming Legend: Kavishah

The article below features Kavitha Shah, otherwise known as Kavishah of WorldWinner fame. She is one of the best Bejeweled 2 players on WorldWinner, and she is famous for winning $1,000,000 in cash during FUN Technologies’ gaming competition back in 2006. Enjoy! Kavitha Shah: Playing Bejeweled for Fun and ($1 million in) Profits Kavitha Shah […]

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20 February 2008 ~ 7 Comments

An Exclusive Interview with a Worldwinner Legend: Renaldo Moon

Renaldo Moon is a top Scrabble Cubes player who’s famous for being able to score at least 900 in every Cubes game he plays. He’s won enough money to pay for his college tuition in Washington University, where is he is currently majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I had the chance to catch him in the […]

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