4.) Liver. Someone with a malfunctioning liver has fluid that leaks into the sac around the abdomen, giving a potbelly appearance. This type craves deep-friend foods or potato chips, has pain or tightness in the right shoulder area, often suffers from flaky skin or dandruff in eyebrows and scalp, has hot or swollen feet, shows a yellow tint in the whites of the yes, is irritable in the morning, and often has a tight feeling over the right lower stomach area or ribcage. Liver types need foods high in potassium such as cruciferous vegetables, and should also consume easily digestible protein sources (i.e., fish and eggs). High-intensity, short-duration exercise is recommended. Berg s plan teaches readers how to attack the true cause of their weight problems: Unbalanced hormones. As he so aptly explains, you can achieve weight loss and better health after you help your glandular system operate in a balanced way. healthy meals to lose weight The Benefits Of Joining A Local Slimming Club blood type diet Depression garcinia reviews weight loss Winner: ViSalus Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake is clearly the winner in this challenge. The refer 3 and get your product free program signifies that you could continue to get yoru Vi-Shape meal replacement shakes for gratis. Gratis fits into everyone s economy! does garcinia cambogia have side effects weight loss - I m thinner each and every day. drugs for weight loss Are You From King.com? 3 Great Reasons Why You Should Try Worldwinner |

23 February 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Are You From King.com? 3 Great Reasons Why You Should Try Worldwinner

While King.com bans certain states from playing for cash, Worldwinner.com has less restrictions on which states can play for money. This means if you’ve been wanting to play some of your favorite King.com games for cash and weren’t allowed to, now is your chance to rake in cash. You’ll have a head start over other new players since you already have experience in the game(s) you play!

If you’re an average player that doesn’t regularly place Top 3 in a 6000 player pot tournament on King, there’s potential to win much bigger cash prizes on Worldwinner.com. Depending on how much money you’re willing to risk on a single entry free, there are varying amounts of cash prizes you’re eligible to win. Worldwinner features “Premium” tournaments that you can enter versus 6-10 other people for a chance to win as much as $200 in a single game.

Think about that – you can earn $200 in 4-5 minutes just by winning one game! You’d be lucky to win that much on King.com in an entire day! If you’re playing skill games with making money in mind, you HAVE to give Worldwinner a shot.

Worldwinner.com offers a wider variety of tournaments, including a daily “Freeplay” tournament that allows players to compete for cash prizes at no cost. In addition to the standard “3-5 players, winner takes all” format, Worldwinner features tournaments that reward a top percentage of players in a given game.

Also, there are “Super Rewards” tournaments that will award you “Rewards Points” for participating in a cash game, which you can redeem for play cash. What I personally like about Super Rewards tournaments is that you’ll get points regardless of whether you win or lose – so you can rack up rewards points as you play, and eventually redeem something big! And by “big”, I’m talking about $500 gift certificates and 60 GB Apple iPods. Definitely worth checking out!

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