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30 August 2008 ~ 1 Comment

Crescendo Catcher on — Gameplay Video

Crescendo Catcher is the newest game to hit, and when I say the game is fun — IT’S REALLY FUN. It’s kind of like Bejeweled 2, except that you don’t have to wait for objects to stop falling/chaining before making your next move. It’s very fast paced and there are quite a few cool […]

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29 August 2008 ~ 3 Comments

The Price is Right: The Strategy Guide

This guide is intended for the edition of The Price is Right. For a basic explanation of how the game works, you can go directly to Worldwinner and check the “Rules” section of The Price is Right. As time progresses and new strategies develop, content may be revised or re-written. Feedback is certainly welcome […]

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28 August 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Latest News in the Skillgaming World

Just in case you haven’t been following recent events in or, here’s a quick update on what’s currently going on: In celebration of’s 5 year anniversary, there are royal cups being opened on a daily basis for some of the more popular games.¬†One royal cup that deserves attention in particular is the […]

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