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28 March 2008 ~ 0 Comments

King.com Has Released Graceful Jewels!

  As of recent, King.com has publically released their newest action game — Graceful Jewels! You are in control of a witch that has to create necklaces by collecting jewels through 3 different levels. You’ll need to shoot floating jewels in the right sequence to create a necklace. If you can manage to do that, the […]

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22 March 2008 ~ 0 Comments

About Cashgamers.net

Do you love playing games? Ever wanted to make money doing it? Well, now you can! Cashgamers is dedicated to helping people win in “skill gaming” sites, where you can compete against other people in popular arcade games and win real money. We have the tutorials and tips you’ll need to succeed on every skill gaming […]

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19 March 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Renaldo Moon Strikes Again on Worldwinner

Who says you can’t win big on Worldwinner? “Renaldo Moon”, aka meathook paid $1.25 to enter the $2000 Scrabble Cubes Player’s Choice tournament, and took 1st place, winning $500.00!  Not bad for 4 minutes of work. Great job Renaldo, and to everyone else who placed!

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